University of Akron Choose Ohio First - STEM - Scholarship Application

Choose Ohio First Scholarship Application
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  • Have you completed the FAFSA?
  • Are you eligible for federal financial aid?:
  • Do you consider yourself a non-traditional (adult, Vet, parent, etc.) student?:
  • Are you eligible for a Pell Grant and/or were you eligible for free or reduced lunch in high school?:
  • Do either of your parents have a Bachelor's Degree?:
  • Are you willing to participate in regular social, educational, & mentoring meetings?:
  • Are you willing to participate in surveys, interviews, & other collection methods?:
  • Are you willing to complete projects, internships and presentations connected with the scholarship program and your experiences at The University of Akron?:
  • Do you understand that the scholarship is not guaranteed for 4 years?:
  • Do you understand that as part of the eligibility for this scholarship you may be required to maintain a GPA equal to or greater than a 3.0 and be seeking a degree in a STEM major?:
  • Have you already been accepted to UA or are you a current UA student?:
  • Are you a veteran of the U.S. Military?:
  • Did you participate in Senior to Sophomore or Post Secondary Educational Option while high school?:
  • Do you receive a Federal Pell Grant?:
  • Did you attend a Public, Urban High School: (Akron, Cleveland, Canton, etc...):
  • Have you or are you a current participant in a TRiO program: (Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search, etc.) ?:
  • Have you previously applied for the COFSP program and not been accepted?:
  • Are you transferring from a community college?:
  • Are you transferring from any college or university outside of Ohio?:
  • Do you live or did you attend high school in the Appalachian Region of Ohio?:
  • Are you currently or have you participated in a Choose Ohio First program?:
  • Were you recruited by a Choose Ohio First Representative (Specialist, Coordinator, Director)?
  • Are you a student in UA's Honor's College?:
  • Regarding financial aid, do you only qualify for student loans and no other form(s) of "need based aid" (excluding scholarships)?:
  • Was your high school GPA at least a cumulative one of 3.0?:
  • Did you get at least a 23 composite score on the ACT?:
  • If you have taken college courses, did you retain at least a 3.0 GPA in those courses?:
  • Have you completed or are you currently taking Calculus or Pre-Calculus?:
  • Have you completed or are you currently taking Physics?:
  • Do you work at least 15 hours per week?:
  • Do you or have you participated in extracurricular activities and/or community service?:
  • Are you from West Cleveland?:
  • Will you be taking the majority of your classes on UA’s main campus?: